CRPS/RSD Photo Challenge – day 2: who you spend your time with and why


My Family

A Day In My Life Photo Challenge for 30 days of #CRPS / #RSD awareness.

Day 2  – Who You Spend Your Time With and Why.

My family:

They have been forever supportive.

My wife (top left) has taken on the responsibility of being my carer in between running the household, looking after the boys and going to work.

My boys (top right) have never stopped being understanding of my limitations and often been happy to do nothing with me all day.

My parents (bottom right) have often been a home away from home and an attentive ear at the end of a Skype line.

My in-laws (bottom left) have funded many things including 8 years of childcare, mortgages, bank payments and so many food shops I can’t count.

Therebidnt room in the photography to include the rest of my family (aunt, uncle, cousins, brothers) or my other two families: my work family and my online family.

Had it not been for my work family, I wouldn’t have been able (or willing) to push myself so hard to try and support them in work as they supported me in being forever understanding of my limitations, sick days and off days when I really ought to have stayed in bed but didn’t. They have always been patient with my lengthy periods of sick and numerous (and often bizarre) adaptations I asked of them. I can’t thank them enough and will be devastated to leave them.

My online family are all my friends on Facebook and Twitter, many of whom I’ve never met in person. Many of my fellow CRPS sufferers have always been there to vent and rant at or a cyber shoulder to cry on. They have always made sure I was OK both physically and mentally and have been there to lift my spirits when needed.

If it wasn’t for all these amazing people taking time out of their lives to support me, I would not be here today (literally).
Thank you all, from the bottom of my back-to-front heart.

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