A Day In My Life Photo Challenge for 30 Days of CRPS/RSD Awareness


Day 1 – Introduce yourself:

My name is Dominic Ross, I’m 29 and have #CRPS/#RSD in my left leg for four years this Christmas.
I’m married to Lorna Ross and we both have two boys, Joe (9) and Ashley (4). You can follow me on Twitter as @youngdad33 or follow my blog at http://www.fightingeveryday.wordpress.com

For the month of November, I will be posting daily photos to raise awareness of CRPS/RSD. There is a big group dedicated to this on Facebook which is open to join under the same name as the post title.

If you don’t know what CRPS or RSD is (it has two names because there are two types and the USA uses RSD whilst Europe uses CRPS), feel free to ask me any questions via the comments field or follow this link to the Wikipedia page which will explain it.

If you know anyone in the medical or caring profession, I would ask that you pass this on to them, as many people (including general practisioners and nurses) have never heard of CRPS.
If you are a fellow fighter/sufferer, feel free to follow me on twitter were I am very active chatting on a daily basis with other fellow sufferers. A good support network is essential to dealing with this curse.

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