Serial story announcement: Cavy Tales


It’s taken a bit longer to announce this, but as I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m going to be starting a new web serial called Cavy Tales, based off the arrival of our two new guinea pigs.

Having observed these two creatures over the last month, I have noticed two distinct characters have evolved. Caramel, a ginger guinea with a tiny white crest, is very adventurous, explorative and cheeky. Oakley, on the other hand, is a brown guinea with ginger stripes. Oakley is almost the polar opposite of Caramel in that he is very shy and would rather hide than be seen in the open. He doesn’t seem to like ramps or stairs, and always appears like he’s waiting for the right moment to escape.

With these two characters, I can imagine the type of conversations and adventures they would have, and our four year old Ashley is convinced they have a guinea pig party when we are out.

Therefore, I will be writing the Cavy Tales on a new blog, using these two personalities as a basis for the characters in my stories. Having explored the cavy community, I can see this is going to be a great hit with guinea pig owners, animal lovers in general, and even children.

Please don’t hesitate to repost/reblog or pass this on. If you are a cavy owner, and have some stories which would make a good story to include, please visit the site, and use the form to contact me. I will credit it to you if appropriate or desired.

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