It appears that they’ll let ANYONE be a published author!


This is normally the exclamation made when I see they’ve let yet another 19 year old footballer write their autobiography. I’m sure they sell well to the fans, but let’s face it, what has a 19 year old done that is worthy of writing a full biography? Worse is when they write one on someone who lasted six months in the Big Brother house without going nuts. It really does appear that those who ‘haven’t done anything’ can easily get a book deal, where as a real author spends his life flogging his magnum opus only to be thrown in the junk pile.

All joking aside though, on this occasion I am extremely proud to say that my Eight year old son has been chosen to have his poem, “Neverland Poem” published in the Young Writers anthology titled The Power of Poetry.

It appears that this piece, which started off as a school assignment, was sent off by his school to be entered into the competition to be published. We had no idea this had happened till we received a letter today asking us to sign the permission slip.

The book is due to be published in June and we get to buy a copy. A free copy will be sent to his school to be kept in their library, and copies will be sent to any library left open after the budget cuts.

I am very proud Joe has accomplished this, as writing is not his strong point. We usually face a fight whenever we have to do hand writing for homework. Hopefully, this will encourage him to continue writing, and maybe not so much fuss when he has to complete hand writing.

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