New Year Update (at last)


Hello, it’s been a while. I have no excuse for this really, but I’m going to make up a load in this post. Feel free to choose any one you feel most appropriate.

My last post was at the begging of NaNoWriMo in November. Well, I ploughed on with it and managed to finish with two days spare at 50, 000 words. It was nowhere as easy to finish that August because I ran out of plot with 15000 words to go. I managed to get past it, however, by writing bits from earlier on in the story, and even making an alternate ending (one which will likely never be used, but it’s there all the same). Once my own Macbook Air arrived, I was able to happily plough along and demolish the word count. On some days, I managed to write over 4000 words!
Not only did I have a good time writing in November, but I also got more involved in the local NaNoWriMo scene. There wasn’t really one in August, the site and forums were pretty dead. But midway through October, they woke up, and by November 1 st., they were posting on there every day. I went to local write in’s at the library and coffee shops and met new people who were also writing. 

For December, I was still trying to get back to work (which I’m still trying to do) but was fortunately kept busy by creating and publishing a website for the writing group I attend. Within a week, I had a pretty decent website up and running with its own domain name and managed to get it up to 5th result on Google under Basildon Writers. Check it out, at If you are a local, don’t be afraid to join us.
The hardest part of December was attending another Tribunal for my DLA appeal I had lodged over 18 months previously. I arrived in my wheelchair, tired, sweating and very woozy from passing out in town only an hour earlier to be told that the original decision to give me DLA was “Clearly an oversight, and should never have happened in the first place”. It was obvious from then on that no matter what I said, I would be awarded nothing. Sure enough, several days later, the letter arrived telling me that they had ruled in favour of the DWP and no more would/could be done. We are going to make a new application outlining all my current problems, but I am not holding my breath. Not when the government are still waging a war against the disabled as if we were tics on society. It’s getting to the point where I can sympathise with the blacks back in the 50’s and before, where they were treated like a separate species and segregated from society.
The end of December was mainly taken up by the usual festive period, but I was also madly typing away at the keyboard to polish up two stories I was going to enter into a competition by the end of the year.

The New Year started off quietly and other than publishing a couple of posts for Pocket Droid, I didn’t do much. I did, however, get some really good feedback from one of my competition entries. I received 36 points out of 45. I feel this is an achievement in itself. The comments that went with it were just as flattering. One of the compliments about my presentation (how it was set out) was:

A professional and workmanlike presentation which would command the respect of a publisher or agent.

This was one of my biggest fears, so to receive such a comment is great. But what really bolstered my confidence was the final concluding comment:

You have an impressive gift for fiction writing and your work shows great competence. Merely address a few points of detail and you will be well placed to win a worthwhile award next time.

This kind of encouragement is exactly what I needed to push forward and keep trying to win competitions and publish my books, so keep tuned.

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