Favourite writing place?


I apologise for being a bit quiet here recently. The reason is I have been focusing all my writing efforts on Camp NaNoWriMo. Fortunately, this has paid off, as I am not too far behind in my word count. I should be at 22580 words, and I am actually at 18964 words. Maybe a day’s writing, possibly less.

The good news is that the book is pouring out of me at a rate of knots I just didn’t expect. I have solved one of the major problems I have with writing (finding names for my characters) by using place holder names for the moment. So I’m using names of my family members. So far, my Wife, brothers in law and parents in law have made an appearance. I have no doubt as the time goes on, more will appear. Like I said, they are just place holders for now. When I come to the rewrite, I will replace them with the actual names of characters I want to use. I have also allowed myself to maybe over describe things a little. After all, I have a target to meet!

What I wanted to pose to you in this post is the concept of writing space. Where do you find it best to write? Maybe it’s at the kitchen table when everyone is out. Maybe it’s in a park or busy coffee shop. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have your own study you can call your own sanctuary (in which case, I envy you)? Either way, every writer I am sure is different. Some like the noise and bustle of a busy cafe. Some need the quiet desertion on an empty room or house.
I find I write in lots of different places (and on lots of different devices). I write at home on my iMac, on my laptop, or – if I’m feeling too sore to get up from bed or my chair – from our newly acquired Nexus Tablet. I write at work (when nothing is happening), and sometimes I write out and about. So I like a mixture of locations. More recently, I’ve found my best place is in bed just before I go to sleep. I don’t know why I find this best, it just works. Maybe it’s because I am more of an night owl, maybe it’s the peace and comfort, I don’t know, but it’s been working, so why break it?

What about noise? Do you like music? Quiet? Do you have the TV blaring out the news, or your favourite soap? Personally, I like to have music softly in the background when working at the computer. When writing in bed, I tend to make it quiet so that my wife can sleep. I like to stick to instrumental music without words. If the song does have words, it will be songs I don’t listen to often. Otherwise, I get distracted from writing and start singing along.

So what is your favourite place and method to write? Leave a comment and share ideas.
Thanks for reading, and till next time. Whenever that may be. 

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