Stuck between a rock and a hard place


The last couple of days, I’ve had a really bad flare of my CRPS (at least I hope it’s a flare). I didn’t sleep much last night and felt rubbish as a result today. I looked so bad that work sent me home before lunch, leaving my colleague in a really sticky mess. Not only had it been busy, but it was getting worse, and lunch time was coming up.
Because I looked so bad, they wouldn’t let me drive home. I had to pull my wife out of church (where my son was receiving an award) to come and pick me up. So I felt really bad.
If that wasn’t bad enough, my wife now feels guilty that I have to work and is looking for another job as we speak. This makes me feel worse.
I’m determined to go back to work, but that’s not looking promising. If I do go, work are likely to take one look at me and send me away. If I don’t go, I ruin my wife’s plans for the night. I don’t live with my work, so I’d rather appease my wife.
I just went to have my last tablets and almost dropped to the floor I felt so dizzy. This made my wife say “If you’re not well enough, don’t go in, but I don’t want you to loose your job”.
This feels like a trap…

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