Riddle me this: CRPS Oddities


I’ve been in bed since lunch, trying to recover from a bad couple of days of pain. It’s just not let up for several days, despite taking all my meds.
So, I’ve been sitting in bed, reading, writing, listening to music with the curtains fully open watching the miserable sky. It’s meant to be mid summer, and its been tipping down all morning. But now that I write this, the sun has come out and made the day look more summary, at last.
This however causes a problem for me (and countless others with CRPS). My legs have been freezing cold all day. well, to be exact, my CRPS leg has, the right leg is fine. But this means if I dare cross my legs, not only does my CRPS leg complain because it is touching something, but my right leg suddenly says “Hey, Who bought the icepack to the party?!”. So I have to cover my leg, but that aggregates the CRPS leg (it’s loose/loose).
So I’m sitting in bed with the bed sheets over my leg to keep it warm (a bit of an oxymoron with a condition that causes a burning feeling in the effected area). As the afternoon has progressed and the sun peeped out, I’ve quickly got very warm to the point where I’ve considered taking my top off. I came up with a compromise. I’m now sitting here with the windows open, the blanket over my legs and the fan on.
Go figure…

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