Minor Writing Dilemma


As you know by now, I will be entering Camp NaNoWriMo in August (and dependant on how that goes, NaNo in November). One of my last posts, William Shakespeare Cheated, I discussed about how my planned novel was almost a carbon copy of Romeo & Juliet. Now although there have been numerous rehashing’s of this since 1597, most notable the 1960’s movie West Side Story, I didn’t want to look like some one who couldn’t write and come up with his own ideas. So it was back to the drawing board (no pun intended) and fortunately came up with an acceptable alternative.

However, since then, I have had another idea come to me. I was watching a film the other night and an idea suddenly evolved in my head and became a novel without trying. To save you from a future plagiarism case, I won’t outline it here, simply to say it was way off what I am writing now or plan to write for NaNo.

My current attempt at writing (I’ve had many) is set in a fantasy world of middle ages period. I guess you could say it’s come from my sudden passion for the Game of Thrones books and series’ but I have done my best not to take anything from George R.R. Martin’s work. There are houses, and Coat of Arms and dragons, but Mr Martin doesn’t own them. I intend on writing a series (at least three books are in my head at the moment). I’m hopping that planning to write more after the first is done will not only steer my story line to an interesting conclusion and cliffhanger, but also encourage me to pick up the quill when it’s all done.

My new idea however is not fantasy based, more modern and thriller like. This is where I start to stumble. I’ve been trying to write for years and have never got passed a couple of pages before I give up or lose interest. This has always frustrated me, as the ideas have been good, but there was no continuum behind them. There were maybe a couple of good scenes, but that was it, where as my fantasy writing has potential for a lot and I can see the first three books. My dilemma now is that I want to prove (to myself and anyone else) that I can write more than a couple of pages and that I could best accomplish this through Fantasy, but really like this thriller idea. Do I write the Thriller for Camp NaNo, or the original Fantasy I was planing?


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