Great Writing Podcast


If you have an Apple iPhone, you may know they have just released a dedicated podcast app. I gave it a whirl and decided to look for writing podcasts. I found several that looked promising and added them to my library. Several were flops (although had good info), I didn’t like the way they were broadcast. One sounded like he was reading directly from a sheet, very off putting.

The best one I found was I Should Be Writing. This is broadcast by a female writer in San Francisco who has had several books published. Her advice is concise, straight forward and best of all, honest. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will point you in the right direction of someone who could. Her speaking is natural and “unrehearsed” and she doesn’t come across as bossy or snooty. She is just offering advice, like any good podcaster should.

I strongly suggest you go listen to her if you are a writer, new or old, as she has lots of knowledge to dispense through a warm, friendly voice. I find it an inspiration to listen to every time. You can find her podcast on her website, or via iTunes.

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