To a very special lady…


I’ve know her for ten years this week, but it feels like numerous lifetimes. We’ve has highs and lows, lefts and rights and many arguments, but I still love her as much as I did the first time I met her. I am of course talking about my wife Lorna.
I asked her out 10 years ago this week (roughly) after watching an England-Holland football game in the 2002 euros. I had been invited out for the weekend by a friend and we had the house to ourselves, so naturally, we stocked up on the beer.
After watching England win and consuming an unknown amount of alcohol, I finally plucked up the courage to ask her if she’d be my girlfriend. All other girls I’d asked had been “through a friend” as I was so nervous I couldn’t ask them. But with Lorna, it was different. I felt strangely calm and confident (granted, the Dutch courage may have helped, but not that much). After a long phone call, where I melted at the sound of her voice (and still do), I took a deep breath, blushed like crazy and asked her out. After a second that lasted a millennia, she said yes, and I collapsed to the floor with nerves, gratitude and disbelief.
After I finished school, I was living at my parents address in London and went to visit Lorna for a weekend. I never left. Not only did she make me feel welcome and wanted, but her family accepted me with open arms (or at least they never pushed me out the door). We were soon engaged and married a year later.
We now have two wonderful boys who love us both in different ways and still teach us new things and make us laugh (and sometimes cry) on a daily basis.
Since becoming sick and disabled with CRPS, she has been my main carer, supporter, shoulder to cry on and enforcer of rest. She has done all this selflessly, rarely asking to be thought off, often when she was going through her own health issues. She has taken on three roles in one and amazes me every day with the new strength she managers to find to deal with daily challenges of looking after and putting up with me.
For this, and for so much more, I want to publicly thank and praise my wife and ask that you do the same today, her birthday.

I love you Lorna, with all my broken heart.

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