Week end!


Wishing all my tumblr/Twitter/Facebook friends a lovely week end.
To those who suffer an illness, I hope it’s short lived and allows you to have fun (as best you can).
To my writing friends, may the muse move you to write the next best seller (as long as its not my idea). May your inkwell never run out or your computer not falter.
To any Baseball fans, may you enjoy the game whether at the park or at home. Catch a foul ball or home run for me while you’re at it.
To my Buddhist friends, may you not suffer and reach nirvana.
To my tech/geek friends, may you dismantle something and there not be a screw left when you’ve finished. May your coding be error-free and your hardware not have gremlins.
To all parents/grandparents, may your children/grandchildren behave and do as they’re told and, most of all, give you endless joy and giggles.

To all those enjoying the Jubilee, have fun, don’t get wet and stay safe.

Have a good week end everyone!

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