Long day in London


Just got back from a long day in London. I went to see my heart consultant for a review from my stay last November when they fitted me with a reveal device, which I can use to record any heart murmurs. Typically, I haven’t fainted since they installed the reveal in my chest. Still, I felt that this was a good thing and I would be allowed to drive again!

That it’s, till last week, when I was rushed to hospital with chest pains. After a week off work and several further episodes of chest pain, I fully expected to be kept in over night and given some form of evasive test. Much to my surprise, nothing of the sort happened. Although my notes from last weeks trip to A&E weren’t at the hospital, the description of the symptoms I gave them were good enough for them to make a decision. I can come off the horrible nitrate tablets that cause me headaches, all the test show I have a perfectly normal heart (for my condition) and there is nothing to explain the chest pains.
So next step is I will have a test which will put my heart under (controlled) stress and this should show up any problems. If not, my chest pains are not a heart problem, but possibly something else.

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