A new trip to hospital


So, my first day back at work after rest days. I started having chest pains. Nothing major, but painful. My colleague turned to me and said “are you ok? You don’t look so good!”
I went out and sat in the TV room for a while. They got me an ambulance who checked me over and decided, with my history, to take me to A&E. So, rushed out of work again in an ambulance. The things I do to get out of work…
Upon arrival at A&E, after a bumpy ride in an old ambulance, I was admitted and they did an ECG, took some blood and checked all the usual. The plan was to send the ECG to my Cardiologist in London and see what they suggested. By about 11pm, I was finally moved into one of the wards. They wanted to take another blood test 12 hours after my chest pain.
Because of a head ache, leg screaming in pain and a little more chest pain, I was unable to sleep so had to read and pass the time. Just as I got to sleep, I was woken up for the blood test.
Before I knew it, it was breakfast time. By 10, I was told I could go home. So at 6, I was finally let home.
The plan next is to see my cardiologist in London. They may or may not decide to take it further.
Such fun!

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