Who Wants Extra’s?


I have a cold. It was to be expected really, everyone at home had it, it was inevitable that I too, would eventually fall. I must confess, it’s not bad (at least not yet), more a nuisance. However, it has reminded me that the last thing I need right now is more pain/inconveniance.
As everyone with CRPS – indeed any chronic pain condition – knows, living with the daily fight of pain is tiring enough. Add to that a headache, stomach ache, cold etc, makes the
fight that much harder. When your senses are being bombareded with pain signals from your limbs, the last thing it needs is to add to it. It’s like being in a room with with a hi-fi,
tv, ipod and telephone on full volume with a hundred people shouting at you. That is the kind of brain fog that chronic pain sufferers have to put up with.
Fighters often have to deal with an unfair system of obstacles, seamingly put in their way; staircases, crowds, people’s ignorance. This increases stress, which is already at a
hightened level due to the bain fog that occurs due to the pain.
With this in mind, please remember – and those around you – to be easy on yourself. We fight enough as it is, we don’t kneed to add to our load and give CRPS an easy ride.

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